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Fast service, yummy drinks, and happy workers! I love it here. Best boba and price in town! The staff looks happy to be at work and always really to help out. Very generous. Looking forward to come more often and support this business more ๐Ÿ™‚

Jennifer Xiong

I was so glad they were opening a donut shop nearby, I love donuts, but this place had a weird taste to their donuts

Jennifer Ferry

This place is open, airy, and just refreshing! The croissant sandwiches were fresh and delicious. More importantly, fresh and strong coffee. They serve boba here too! Super excited to try other things on this menu.

A.A. Edralin

Great fast and friendly customer service. The whole menu is delicious. Especially the mango peach smoothie with boba and whip cream ๐Ÿ˜‹

Luz Barosio

Same owner of Ann’s Donuts in Selma. Definitely a favorite glad to have them in Fresno. Make sure you stop by great selection of good tasting do uts and much more at this location.


I love it. The drinks are great and they are friendly

some person just watching youtube

Friendly staff, great menu… Very enjoyable place

Andrea Rodriguez

Beautiful layout of items. Great customer service. Warm inviting atmosphere. I am giving the mid way point in stars only because the donuts, although tasty, were lacking that small donut shop care and love in the mix. A little too sugary was the glaze and not enough chocolate in the chocolate cake donuts. A little more like Krispy Kreme donuts and Starbucks had a sweet love child. I will give them a few months to adjust to being a newer shop and see how it goes. I have my fingers crossed for these guys!

Sunshine Quintal

Friendly service, awesome selection of donuts and sandwiches. Croissants are so addicting and delicious and the drinks are refreshing.

Molyda D'Amico

Oh, I love it! The decorations, taste and textures on the dounuts. Customer service was fast and very friendly.

Mai Yang

Place is very clean. One of the cleanest in Fresno .Their boba and donuts are AMAZING. You wonโ€™t be disappointed


Clean. Beerocks are really good and love the donut variety they have.

Michelle Soto

Great and fresh selection, customer service was great, will definitely be returning

Freddy Madrigal

So clean and an amazing selection of doughnuts, will definitely be going back

Asteria G

I had a berrocks and a lemon powered donut and a coffee,went back next day to try a avocado smoothie,,mmm now that was so good,and half doz of donuts,,,next iam going to try a avocado cream cheese sandwich and a boba drink.

Grandma Mary Yepez

This place is always friendly and has good service.

Deadhelm Productions

Good donuts & great customer service!

Jessica Hansen

Be sure to follow Sky’s Donuts’ Instagram page if you want to keep up with daily specials!!! @skysdonuts559

Pisey Chan

Staff is very nice and welcoming

Samara Ortiz